The 31 of October. That is the Reformation Day in Germany, a religious celebration. More than that, this is the day when we have the casting for all the roles. After a day and a half the script was done. So, now we need the actors. But first, we celebrate.
    For that, the host invited everyone to lunch at Gasthof Reuner Biergarten. That was the first time when we felt a difference between us. People in wheelchairs had to sit at the first level, while everybody else was upstairs. Despite that it was a pleasant lunch.
 We were served with a tradional dish, sorianca.

   The second part of the celebration was a surprise from the host, too. They took us in the forest, without telling us where we were going. In the end, we got to a bakery place in the woods.
    Here we found hot wine and pie.

    I can tell you the dessert was yummy. Cherry (tasting like pineaple) and honey&nuts pies were the joy of Esther (the youngest of the group, 10 years old) and all the others.
   The casting begins! The jury is made up of 4 people, one from each country. From Spain there is Quasi, Oana from Romania, Mariusz from Poland, Ildiko from Hungary and Petra, as an organiser.
    The judge of the jury is Roland, organiser also.
    The casting for the first play, ``The 3 piggies`` lasted a few ours.
    There were 7 characters and  13 candidates, so the fight wasn´t really tought.
    For ``Hansel and Gretzel``, on the other hand, the casting was way longer, despite the fact that the play needed only 5 characters.
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