The grand opening of the theatre where the play is going to be set was the event of the day.
     Edith was the first to try the stage. The audience should prepare for a great performance soon.
    The first meetings with the working groups took place in the same day. People who don´t speak the same language or don´t speak at all sat at the same table, and with  little help from the translators, tried to communicate.
    Now is when the real "Babel Tower" has begun. The teams made at home, in Spain, Romania, Poland and Hungary separate and now we form new ones.  Lorena, one of the participants, thinks the building is fine, but we need lots of creativity and team spirit.
     Ronald is positive about the evolution of the project also.
   For him, all the people who left their country to come to this kind of project must be open minded and looking into communicating to different nations and cultures.
    He considers that the aim of the project it is not everybody to learn the sign language, but that we all tell the same message: to matter our dissabilities and differences, we can communicate.
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