Deaf interviews
Guaci is  here to colaborate  with other deaf and handicaped people, to do the theatre play in the different groups: make-up, stage, acting. Florin says he likes this place and the people. Patrick is happy to be here, he has begun to communicate to the Spanish group and he thinks he is learning a lot. Norbi says he came here by bus and that he likes this place and these people. For the future, he wants to find "the one". Roman also likes this place because we are getting to know each other and to communicate. He wants to become better for the future and to fight for their equality.
"How are you, Malgosia?"
"Now I´m reading a bit and after I´ll continue preparing the stage for the theatre."
Beata is here to coordinate he Polish group. Camila says she helps other people in what they need, as the ones in wheelchairs, to get in and out and so on.She likes doing that and talking to everyone. Magda likes this place and the people here. She says she wants to get married and have kids in the future. Alex loves this place, especilly the swiming pool. He considers himself a great swimmer.
Carmelo is here to know the other countries and colaborate in the theatre . He wants to take the information and things learned here to tell them back in Spain and get the information to the other people. Carmen is working in interpreting from English to sign language. That´s a new experience. In the programme she is interpreting into sign language and learning other sign languages. For the future she wants to get the teachers together and colaborate to make it succesfull. Roman likes it here because "we are getting to know each other and to communicate. Samuel is for the first time in an international meeting. Here, he is working in the press group, filming, which he actualy likes. In the future, he wants to become a real cameraman. Celina likes this place and in the theatre play she is working in the stage group.
Andrea says she met new people here, she has been playing with the play station and making the theatre play. She wants to become an atress in the future. Anabel is learning about other cultures and countries. She is in the stage work group and decorating the Spanish stand. For the project, she wishes to learn altogether abous us all. Sheila like these many groups  from many countries. She wishes the play to be succesfull.